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These are unique properties and we know how to market them to their fullest potential.


We are often asked questions about the Historic Designation Process in San Diego and the Mills Act Property Tax Reduction. 

We have assisted our clients who want to sell their property that has already been designated.  We have also worked with our clients who are selling their property that has not yet been designated but has the potential.

Both these situations create many questions on the part of potential buyers and we can provide the knowledge to assist both sides to make the right decisions.

Also, if our client is the buyer, we have been able to work with them so that they are aware of all pieces the processes entail.  


We have sponsored seminars that define and describe the processes.  We have worked with Architectural Historians whom we can recommend to our clients for further investigations.


Perhaps you have a home that you are considering having designated and are looking for resources to help you through the process.  we would be happy to assist you. 


Past Sales

The following are some of our past sales.

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