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Caroline Glasner and Susan Diamond, real estate partners, bring their extensive experience, high level professionalism and in-depth knowledge to their clients. 

Caroline Glasner

Susan Diamond


Caroline is a Real Estate Broker with more than 20 years of professional real estate experience.  She is also a licensed attorney and a member of the State Bar of California. 


Her negotiating skills and her knowledge of contracts benefit her clients immensely.  Caroline recognizes the importance of client confidentiality and fiduciary relationships. 

Susan brings her management and marketing background to assist clients in every step of the sales process. Her goal is to provide the best experience possible in the most thoughtful and caring way.

Founding the Point Loma Architecture Services and sponsoring and developing the lectures over the past five years has expanded Susan's knowledge of the historical and architectural properties in the coastal areas. This knowledge is extremely beneficial to both her buyer and seller clients.


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